GPU overheating and performance loss after opening Hotkey control center for the first time?


Jan 7, 2015
Sager np8268-s with nvidia gtx970m and IC Diamond Thermal Compound
I have had this laptop for about a month and games have been playing great, today I opened Hotkey control center for the first time to get to the keyboard customizer. I saw the different presets and selected performance then proceded to launch chivalry in steam. I usualy get very high fps but I would estimate it was as low as 10. I exited out and checked the gpu temp and it was in the mid 80's. I let it cool down to 40C and tryed playing again and it pretty much instantly heated up and became unplayable.
I have checked the fans and they are completely clean.
Did you paste the GPU with the IC Diamond compound? If so, you likely used too much compound or did not get a good mounting pressure applied.