Graphic Cards Nvidia and Intel HD


Sep 4, 2016
My Asus laptop has a dedicated 2GB Nvidia GeForce 930m and Intel HD 4400. Not really a tech enthusiast with regards to this. What does this mean?


Dedicated Graphics card means - Graphics processor can be either embedded into the CPU processor die or can be added to motherboard with extension slots. Those that are integrated into your processors are called Integrated graphics unit and those that are attached through PCIe expansion slots are called dedicated units.
Therefore the 930m is better than the intel hd 4400 in terms of gaming and other activities.


Many laptops do this to save power while providing better performance when needed. It can switch to the nvidia when you need it or turn it off to save power. Since they are different companies they won't work together but the intel igpu is a less power/heat with less performance. Igpus have been on the cpu for many years now so you end up having it there if you want it or not so you might as well make it useful.

This is a laptop so there are no expansion slots. Your laptop, like most, have the dedicated gpu soldered on the mobo. Dedicated does not mean it's better but it wouldn't make any sense to have 2 if it wasn't. Like you won't find one with a 910m unless the cpu's igpu is lower than the hd 4400.