Great headphones under 100$ USD (preferably closer to 80)


Apr 24, 2010
Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a pair of headphones that are the best as can be (in this price range) and that are under 100$usd. I'd prefer them to be closer to 70-80 dollars, but 100 is the highest I can go. I listen to music, watch videos, and play a couple games, but they'll be mainly for music and videos. I bought a pair of Sony's for 50 bucks, they dont even have a specific model, all it says is "extra bass" and they suck, so I'll be returning them. I also tried a pair of Skullcandy Skullcrushers which were 65$ at my store (i buy from a store so i can return it when i find it cheaper online after deciding i like it :p ). These have an in-line bass amp, but its not actually bass sound, its more of a vibration feel so it distorts everything with just a hint of bass and they dont work very well for rock and such because of that, just hip-hop.

So after that huge paragraph, does anybody know about QUALITY headphones that are under 100$ that work great for ALL genres of music and have a real bass sound instead of a gimmicky bass vibrator? I dont really care about noise cancellation and stuff, but i would prefer closed headphones over open. Thanks for the help everybody!
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