Question Ground Loop... PSU the problem or motherboard/casing??!?!


Jul 25, 2016
I have build with a 500 W EVGA (80+ WHITE) psu, and I have 2 audio interfaces with an xlr microphone, whenever I record or monitor my own mic and the sound, I hear the 50/60 hz hum in the background and its getting quite annoying, I've tried unplugging everything except for the interface, all cables from monitors and pc are plugged into one unit, made sure nothing else was plugged in my room.

I've also plugged into a laptop and tried it , the ground loop doesn't exist! So I am wondering if its my power supply, motherboard or gpu or ram orrr if I need to burn my whole pc lol!

I Only hear it when I plug my mic into an xlr input.

any help is appreciated!!
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