Question Grounding problems / ground loops usb microphone headset. What's wrong?

Jul 24, 2022
I had used this headset when I first bought it, I don't remember any buzzing sound
Now that I have reconnected it I notice that there is a horrible buzzing sound and looping sound that seems to be related to the ground, since when I touch any power cable of the pc, the sound intensifies
I have two identical headsets, I have tried both on three different computers, one is a laptop, in all of them there is the buzzing sound, in some to a greater extent than others, but the sound does not go away.
If I unplug the charger from the laptop the buzzing sound seems to decrease a bit, but it never goes away.
I have already exhausted my patience
Adata, model XPGEMIX H20 USB
Thank you
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