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Feb 12, 2019
Ok, I have gsx1000 (max impedance for it is 150oms) and I need to replace my decade old SENNHEISER 363d.
First I thought, well, not often I change headphones, maybe I should get 500$ SENNHEISER 660s and forget about it. 150 oms and praise in reviews for them.

I'm not very interested in music, I'm mostly playing games. I need best as possible imaging and soundstage for immersive, yet competitive gaming (I mean not hearing footsteps from 100m away like someone is right next to me, but be able to pinpoint the sound and distance)
Mine GSX1000 is almost 100% of the time in 7.1 mode with "crosshair" esport EQ turned on. Great results for mine old SENNHEISER 363d... But I want more.
So, what I thought, maybe 660s wouldn't be as good for me, as, for example some AKG K 702?
Some people told me 660s imaging is for music, not for gaming (100m footsteps example from above - can pinpoint the direction, but not distance).
What do you suggest, I need educated opinion on that matter.
  1. AKG K 702
  2. SENNHEISER 660s
  3. SENNHEISER HD58x (not really an option, can't buy them from my country)
  4. SENNHEISER gsp500 (32oms vs K702 - 62 oms vs 660s - 150oms... so maybe not the best option eather)
  5. SENNHEISER HD700 maybe?
  6. [*]Your pick :)
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