Gt650m issues


Apr 2, 2012
I bought this laptop

The only changes I have made is I upgraded the ram to 8 GBs and I upgraded the HDD to this

When attempting to play Skyrim I get low to mid 30s consistently on high settings. My Radeon 7690m on my old laptop kept me in the 40s most of the time on high..... @ 1280x720 (Slightly overclocked)

I am using the latest drivers for the gt650m (306.97) I put the 3D settings all the way to the "Performance" side so I was hoping for higher FPSs out of it compared to my old 7690m.

Also when I attempt to play Dark Souls I can not even get it to use the Nvidia GPU even after setting it to be used in the Nvidia control panel. It still uses the integrated graphics which do play the game at pretty good frame rates actually but i want to use the Nvidia.

Any pointers or advice? I know the gt650m should be much better than the 7690m but it is giving me a headache lol



i have the same problem.
My laptop is also an ASUS n56vz
cpu : intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz
gpu : GeForce GT 650M
os : Windows 8 64x

I'm using the latest drivers for the gpu (actually 310.90).
Skyrim start with the nvidia gpu (high performance) and i get 20 fps max... (15 fps avg)

Maybe the problem is related to a software made in ASUS like "instant on" or something else i don't know.
I see you're using windows 7, so that let me think the issue isnt related to the operating system.