GT70 Mic problems


Jan 6, 2015
I have a brand new gt70 dominator 895. I'm running windows 8.1 and I'm all updated to include drivers - of which I will go into more detail below

I read previous threads and tried everything they listed, but I'm still having troubles with my microphone not picking up much of anything. If I 'flick' the mic on the screen, the bars raise on the recording devices menu. If I speak to someone, they tell me they can barely tell that I'm even talking.

I've tried Realtek drivers from the MSI site. I've tried Realtek drivers from the Realtek site. I've ensured my mic settings are maxed to include volume at 100 and mic gain at +30.0 dB (max). I've ensured my Skype settings are maxed as well for my testing purposes.

Here's the kicker, and perhaps the biggest clue that I can't decipher : when I check the playback setting (setting in the microphone properties), and proceed to talk to myself about how annoying it is that my new laptop's mic isnt working, I hear myself fine. The playback is loud in fact.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.