GTA 5 only Detecting AMD A10 Apu Graphics Card (R6) although I have a R7 M265 2GB dedicated VRAM


Sep 17, 2015
Hi, I am running the latest drivers and ccc software 15.8 beta (tried the regular 15.7 as well) on windows 10 home. I set all the game preferences to high performances and selected the GTA5 file as high performance yet still on the game > settings > graphics > it shows 1024 mb available for use. I check the GPU-z and it shows that the R6 is in play but the dedicated one is not being used. please help. BTW I have an Acer laptop E5-551G AMD A10 Apu, 2GB R7 M265 VRAM, 8GB Ram and it is not possible to disable the apu graphics from bios since it's locked/basic (non-advanced)

Please do try these steps that might help.

- Uninstall the graphics card driver from Device Manager and in Programs and Features as well since it should have something related to NVIDIA in there as well.
- Once uninstalled download and install the latest driver from NVIDIA support site.
- Here's the link:
- Use the Auto Detect feature so they could give you the latest and accurate driver for your graphics card.
- Lastly reboot it once the latest driver has been installed.

Rangan Das

Apr 28, 2013
Case 1:
Are you getting Dual Graphics configuration?
If so, is it enabled? Try disabling that and see.

Case 2:
It seems that the issue is that R6 is your primary adapter and R7 is the linked adapter, if you have dual graphics. Try making R7 the primary adapter and R6 as the linked (secondary) adapter.

Case 3:
If you have a switchable graphics settings, allow the GTA5 executable to run in high performance mode. This will allow GTA5 to access the discrete graphics card.

Please let me know if that helped. I do not own a laptop at this moment, but I am planning to get one from HP with similar configuration. Can you let me know how well the system performs with modern games?

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