Question Hard drive in laptop is not detected after battery replacement

Sep 19, 2020
I recently replaced the battery on my HP Pavilion 15t-bc000 CTO laptop as the old one was swollen and not in good health. I had previously installed a Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD to use as the main boot drive for the laptop alongside the existing hard drive (a 7200 RPM HGST drive) as a secondary storage drive. Before replacing the battery, both of them were working without any issues. But after replacing the battery, I realized that the hard drive was not showing up in either the file explorer or the disk management utility. I restarted the laptop to check for the drive in the UEFI hardware diagnostics, but it too showed only the SSD as a storage device. I opened up the back panel of the laptop to check if it was the wire connecting the hard drive was the issue. I plugged it out and back in. Didn't work. I ran the laptop while the back panel was open and found out that the hard drive was indeed spinning. The blinking light that indicates the hard drive was however not lighting.

I thought it might be the battery causing the issue. So I swapped the old battery in the laptop, but the hard drive still didn't show up.

I swapped the hard drive with the one in my spare laptop (also an HP one albeit an older Pavilion G6). I used a Ubuntu live USB to boot up that laptop. The hard drive was detected and I could access all files without any issues.

To rule out if it was an issue with the wire that connects the hard drive to the motherboard, I plugged the hard drive from the spare laptop (a 5400 RPM HGST drive) into the main laptop. And surprisingly enough, it was detected! With all the partitions and files intact.

Next, I tested by taking out the SSD from the main laptop, and plugged only the hard drive in question to it. After booting the laptop with the same Ubuntu Live USB, I still couldn't find any indication that the hard drive was detected.

So far, I've also tried running the stoarge diagnostics in the HP UEFI hardware diagnostics and hard resetting the laptop (the one where you press and hold the power button). Unfortunately, nothing has worked.

To summarize the issue: my laptop doesn't detect its own hard drive but detects another even though the hard drive is functioning properly in another laptop. What could be causing this issue?

Update: I connected the hard drive to my laptop using a SATA to USB adapter. It was detected and I could access the files from it. But it is still not detecting when connected directly to the motherboard.
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