Question hard drive not working in my dvr


Aug 20, 2016
if this is the correct spot. if not can you tell me the place to post this on toms guide?

i have a dvr that i do not know the model but on my tiny cam app it comes up as a zmodo dvr. anyway the hard drive quit all of a sudden and i put in another one and it was working and then it quit. so to test the unit i put in a 16gb ssd drive and it works.

i took the drives up to the pc and hooked them up with a usb system i have to test hard drives and the pc see them and lets me put data on them. i take them to the dvr and it fails to see them. so is there a special format or other type the drives need to be at for dvr to see them? i format it to mbr and ntfs system and the dvr is not finding it. the ssd drive is the same thing only 16gb not 1tb. also i do not feel one drive spin up can't tell about the other drive, it may not be spinning up either. i also tried powering the drives from the same power supply i sue to test them with so the dvr does not have to power them. that failed also.

thanks for any help. i hate to now have to get another 16 ch dvr. i have an 8 channel this is a 16 channel i need 12 channels. thanks bp.