hard drive space disappearing or leaving blazing fast

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May 7, 2015
I downloaded a few torrented games (i know its bad but i don't have money for steam now)
but i realized that they took way more space than they said, example, i downloaded a 34 GB game and i had 680 GB left, then after i installed it it took MORE THAN 80 GB. and i ended up with 598 GB, this is not the only one, it has happened with every game. and also another minor question, its going to sound stupid but i cant find the files to delete those games later i bought them on steam, and if i do find them and delete them, there's no change on my HDD whatsoever. please help or my HDD is going to get filled with unknown info and how to delete it :(

o and also can i delete the downloaded files after installation? because i think that one problem, that they are taking double space after installing,
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