hard reset dell venue 11 pro


Jul 8, 2015
Hello, I am trying to hard reset my dell venue 11 pro. For some reason I cannot get into it, I get to the login screen and it remains locked. I have tried holding down the power+windows button and it takes me into either the configuration or the test phase. I cannot seem to get into the option to do a full reset. If anyone can offer and suggestions as to what the process is i would be very grateful :)


Aug 8, 2015
When I got the system I used Dell Backup and Recovery to make a set of system recovery DVDs (2 DVDs).
An external USB DVD player was used to do this.
I also created a system recovery USB stick.
My machine was in a boot loop after trying to revert from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1.
I needed to wipe everything as I really had no useful data on this system.
The system would not boot off of a USB DVD or flash drive (typical for UEFI).
I attached a USB keyboard, powered down and back up and started tapping the Windows key until I could briefly see "Press F12 for boot options" and then I tapped the F2 key.
After a number of attempts I was able to get in to BIOS and so I set BIOS to defaults and saved that.
This enabled legacy boot and when I rebooted I answered that I wanted to use the less secure legacy boot option.
This enabled me to boot off the DVD drive.
Now I had the option the restore the system to factory.
If you failed to make system recovery DVDs, but have a Windows 8.1 recovery drive that was created from another system, it's possible it could be used to refresh a Windows 8.1 system if it's not too far gone. Otherwise it's a call to Dell support.

After the system was restored, I did have to go back into the BIOS and change from legacy boot back to UEFI boot.


Nov 10, 2015
There is a way to do a hard reset, as I have done it at least twice. On the login screen, you had to hold down either the Ctrl or Shift or Alt, then click on the power icon and an extra option would come up in the usual 'Shut down, Restart, Sleep' option. I can't remember which, but I feel a Windows or Dell update may have nixed that option, as I can no longer initiate that option anymore.
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