Has anyone else had their hard drive crash just after the warranty ran out on Dell laptops?


Sep 7, 2015
I am having a nightmare dealing with dell. I keep getting hung up on, and they won't answer a simple question. I find it very frustrating yet suspicious that my family members laptop that was purchased at the same time as my own, both had hard drive complete crashes as soon as the warranty ran out.Since the product key for windows 8 is in bedded in the mother board, I have to practically spend what it cost me to buy my computer on a new version of windows. do not buy dell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 16, 2014
this is incorrect. a new hard drive is around $70 and you can buy the windows 8 re-installation disk direct from dell for around $40 dollars. thats $110. it is also your responsibility to create operating system backup disks after you purchase a laptop. no manufacturer includes these or will cover you for them under warranty. dell's backup software is called datasafe. every hard drive is going to fail eventually. there is no plot to make drives fail in one year right after the warranty. there is actually no way to cause that manually. some drives can fail right out of the box. dell doesnt even make its own hard drives. they use western digital most of the time.

i do agree with dell's support being terrible though.