Solved! have nine monitor setup need to find a program that can manage the mouse better


May 30, 2016
Hi all, I have a nine-monitor set up for my stock market trading.
(below is a link of the layout on imgur)

In win7 screen resolution manager, the layout order I have is 6 screens joined together vertically then 3 screens joined to that vertical block in an L shape. (see picture)
The problem I have is that in the physical world the screens are not placed exactly as in the win7 manager.
The reason being my layout in the manager is that way is that my stock market trading runs on the vertical block of screens as its one web page extended from the top to the bottom. if i was to move screens out of that layout then the web page will no longer extend down.
The problem I have is that I need a program that allows me to configure where the mouse enters and exits a screen.
As per picture-
I need 2 and 3 to be connected to 5.
I need 8 to be connected to 9
i need 5 to be connected to 7

does anyone know of a program that gives me this type of flexibility?

thanks in advance.


Sep 27, 2018
I have two computers over three monitors and use a program called Sharemouse to to use the same keyboard & Mouse across the three monitors in an extrnmely odd configuration. The program allows you to configure the monitors in any position you require by dragging them to the correct respective position. It has a trial version so you can prove that it works but for more than 2 monitors you will need to buy the program once you have proven that it works.(for about $10 :))

I beleive the software version name of what your looking for is called KVM.


Dec 17, 2012

What gpu(s) are you using? It can just be as simple as going into your driver and arranging the monitors there. However normally windows 7 should handle this kind of setup just fine and let you drag the monitors around.


May 30, 2016

I have 3x GeForce gt 710 GPUs. I cant rearrange the screens in a manager because I won't be able to use my trading platform.
as per the picture, the 6 screens in the verticle position need to stay that way cause I extend the platform down from the top all the way to the bottom. if the 6 verticle screens aren't in that position the platform can't be extended down.
I really need a piece of software that can tell the cursor what screen to go on to when I move it there.



May 30, 2016
I found no solution through win7 or any third party software that deals with multi-monitor setups.
I solved the problem by using the python computer programming software to execute a module from a selected python library that can move the cursor to a selected screen when I execute a file.
Python is free to download and so was the module. I couldn't get it to teleport to another screen as soon as the cursor touched the screen border as that would require more in-depth research being this was the first time I have ever used programming at all.
I abanded trying to work that out and opted to click on an executable file placed at the border to which it teleported the cursor to the desired screen.
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