Have purchased movies on Fios DVR and want to put them on Window 8 laptop


Dec 2, 2013
Hello everyone,
I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. We have a Fios DVR with 42 movies we've purchased that I want to put on our Windows 8 laptop for viewing while traveling without having to stream. Verizon is absolutely no help (no surprise). These are movies that are purchased - implied they are ours forever.
I'm slightly computer savvy, but please put any directions in as simple terms as you can. you have my permission to "dumb it down". :)
Also, the purchase of the least amount of hardware would be terrific, as this will be the only time we'll use it.
Thank you in advance for all your help.


This is not that easy. You can crack open the DVR, connect the drive inside to your PC, copy the movies over, check what format they are and make sure you have a software player for that format on the laptop. Keep in mind that these movies may be encrypted or protected in some way so the PC won't see them properly. The other way is to get a video capture card for your computer, connect the DVR to the card, play the movies off the DVR and use the card to save the input.

There are several resources for this, you can also use a DVD recorder and record the output of the DVR, then pop the DVD into your computer.


Next time, don't buy movies that are locked down into a single box for play-back. Either just buy the DVD (used is pretty cheap) or from a central place where you can play it back on several devices, like from Amazon or iTunes even.
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