Have the Yamaha YAS-203 soundbar w subwoofer but


Sep 3, 2017
I would indeed like to have richer/better stereo sound in the living room for streaming music.
Do you have any solid recommendations? Do I need to get a receiver? Let's say budget is $1k.
With a $1k budget you should be able to get an entry level high end system that will blow away the soundbar and sub.
If there is a high end audio store near you give them a visit. Bring some of your music.
A good integrated amp or receiver and speakers is well within your budget. Speakers are always a matter of taste so it's hard for anyone to suggest brands if they don't know what you like.
If there isn't anyone local you can try Crutchfield. They carry Cambridge Audio electronics which are excellent.
You can add a streaming device or bluetooth receiver to the amp if it's not build in.
If you only use streaming sources you could use a Denon Heos Amp and a pair of speakers.
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