HBO Cuts Cable; Will AMC, Showtime Follow?

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Aug 8, 2014
what should happen, and would be fun and great for all, is if AMC, SHowtime, HBO Starz, etc joined together to make a competing service that had a large variety of currently running shows to compete with Netflix. Even if they charge a little bit more than Netflix, the option to watch current shows from good networks will justify the (small... hopefuly) price difference.

Also if they could expand their total offerings to Canada, I'd be quite happy... we have about 50% the options that US netflix has... yay!

Maybe that will happen sooner than we think! More and more people are moving away from cable/satellite services, at least in the US, and Netflix has long since proven that accessible, affordable programming will bring in the customers. Coupled with the constantly increasing prices for cable (and the piss poor service provided by giant companies like TWC and Comcast), online streaming services are gaining a lot of support and momentum.
I think what we'll see is that if Cable TV providers like Comcast start losing too much money to standalone, online streaming services, they'll just hike up the prices for broadband Internet services to make up the difference. Additionally, given the way net neutrality is going, they'll also jack up the prices media content providers like HBO need to pay in order to keep that high-bandwidth content flowing smoothly.

-Wolf sends
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