HDD problems after cleaning PC and updating BIOS.

Jeremy Zimmermann

May 11, 2013
So I decided to clean my self built pc on a day early home from school. It's already running for 2 years now without problems. I tied some loose cables together, replaced a cover on my case's front panel, cleared some dust and finally (I think this is where the problem lies) updated my bios.
Now when I try to boot my pc my HDD LED just doesn't light up, and my HDD is really really slow, and stays stuck at 100%.
I already checked the wiring on the inside if I haven't unplugged a cable, and it was fine.

My PC's (relevant) specs:
Mainboard: ASUS B87M-PLUS
CPU: i5 4670K
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM

And no I do not have an SSD.
Thanks in advance!


Jan 27, 2006
After you updated your BIOS, did you check your hard drive settings? For example, if they were set to "IDE" before, but are now set to "AHCI," you'll need to set it back to IDE, then use Google to find the steps for switching from IDE to AHCI that causes the additional required drivers to be loaded.