HDMI 1x4 Splitter Has Weird Sound From Devices


May 9, 2015
Good morning,
I am having some issues trying to work out my current setup. Here is what it looks like;

Cable Box HDMI Out --> 1x4 HDMI Splitter
Output 1 on Splitter --> BenQ Projector
Output 2 on Splitter --> Insigna 32" TV
Output 3 on Splitter --> Some kind of TV not hooked up yet.

When all out puts are plugged in I get a static/chirping noise from the projector instead of the audio that should be there. If I unplug output 2 on the splitter, that noise goes away and it goes back to the regular audio. Even if I change the source on output 2, to a different input so it doesn't use the splitter cable, the sound is still not right on the projector. The only way is to unplug it from the split to make it work. Or leave them both on the same channel but put one on mute. I would like to get it to work properly if possible. Here is a video that you can hear the sound/see the issue;


Any help would be awesome!
Try changing the audio output of the cable box if there is a menu option to do so. If it is outputing 5.1 the projector may not like that but the TV does. When you are running the TV and projector at the same time the cable box is seeing two devices and is sending out audio based on one of the displays which is not compatible with the other.
Try changing output positions of the displays on the distribution amp. too. You may need a matrix switcher that can affect this. Here is an example
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