Question HDMI ARC - Only working with certain apps?

Oct 24, 2021

I am experiencing an issue where my HDMI ARC appears to only function with certain apps? I'll start by explaining a little bit about my setup and what I'm trying to accomplish, how I have things setup, and finally the issue.

I have a 2019 LG TV (OLED55C8PUA), and I would like to use my vintage receiver (Marantz 2230, which only has RCA inputs) for audio playback. Up until very recently, I didn't think I could make it work since my TV doesn't have RCA outputs. Using a converter for Optical was an option, however that solution was less than ideal since volume adjustment must be done using the volume knob on the receiver.

I recently learned about HDMI ARC, and found an Audio Extractor with CEC Volume Control ( hopefully allowing me to use the TV remote to control the final playback volume. I bought the extractor, connected the the TV's HDMI ARC Port to the the extractor, and connected the receiver to the RCA ports on the extractor. SImilar to the diagram below:

After that, I made sure that SimplLink (LG's HDMI-CEC controls) were enabled. This was the only option in my TV's settings I can find relevant to using this device.

Initially , everything worked fine. I tested the setup using the YouTube app on my TV, and then also by streaming music to my TV over bluetooth. Audio playback through the receiver was great, volume control worked from the remote as I had hoped. However, I then noticed that with certain apps (such as Hulu or YouTubeTV), the playback does not work. So it works with some types of media.

I believe my hardware is all setup correctly, because the problem comes and goes depending on how I'm streaming. I've checked all of the settings on my TV, but didn't see anything that could affect this.

Does anyone use a similar setup, or have they heard of similar issues?

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