HDMI connection between Epson projector and Inspirion laptop not allowing external Bose speaker sound


Mar 9, 2015
I am trying to watch MP3 movies on a screen via Inspirion laptop connecting it to my Epson projector to project image on screen via hdmi cable. However, my Bose external speakers plugged into the audio of the laptop don't work and will only work when I pull out the hdmi cables, but then the movies don't project onto the screen any more. It worked at one point a few weeks ago, now it doesn;t work. Anyone can suggest a fix?


Mar 9, 2015
Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately everyone has been saying go to control panel - sound and change default, but I am not certain that is the answer, unless someone can provide me step-by-step which settings to check. I had it working for my son's wedding reception, many months ago and now I am lost.

Your additional reply would be greatly appreciated.


Feb 25, 2014
With your laptop still connected to projector via hdmi, make sure your speakers are plugged into the correct audio output. Play a video file. Open your sound settings from control panel. Check to see if it's trying to output audio through hdmi or your speakers. I have a feeling it will show up as hdmi output. Select your speakers as default instead. Also, maybe your projector has passthrough audio. See if you can connect your speakers to the projector instead. You'd have to set your hdmi as audio output in that case.
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