Question Hdmi extender issue

Apr 27, 2024
Good morning.

I am dealing with a sound issue at my house. I have a projector that is plugged into a Yamaha Home Theater Receiver in my basement. I have 5 speakers which are in my drop ceiling. They are connected by speaker cables into the receiver. I then have a Cat6 ethernet cable ran from the receiver to a tv which is located on the side of the basement. I would say it’s around 100 feet. Im using a StarTech 2 HDMI splitter that plugs into my receiver. It was working for a while and now i can not get any sound on the tv. I have tried two different hdmi extenders. The thing is that the sound with the video works when i turn the receiver off. Any ideas? Do you think I need to get a better HDMI extender? I looked through the settings on the receiver but didn’t see anything out of the blue. Any help is appreciated!