HDMI House wiring


Apr 24, 2017
I am currently starting to wire my new (build) home with my father who is an electrician. He's the best in the world but unfortunately he's not up-to-date with todays "smart home" set-ups.

I have ran RG6 twin COAX from my terrestrial antenna point in the attic to 5 tv points in the house.. I have also ran Cat6 from a "hub style" closet (which will house my wifi router) to these 5 TVs points. This will give all of my tv's internet connection..

This following is where I'm struggling and looking (begging) for help.. I plan on having a Sky Q box in this hub for my main tv (and additional sky mini boxes if needs be for other tvs). My original plan was to run a RG6 COAX from this skyQ box to a wall plate at the back of tv and control the "hidden" box with a magic eye. But I've just realised that the SkyQ box does not have a RF Out connection, just HDMI.. And besides, would I be right in saying that there would've been complications regarding 4k/future proof etc??

So basically I'm looking to run HDMI from sky boxes in a closet in a room in my house to tvs and be able to control them from their respective sky remotes.. I hope I've made sense and I really hope somebody out there could share their knowledge if they got a chance. It would be greatly appreciated and it would get herself off my back about getting into the house before xmas!

Thank you in advance,

Paul, Ireland


HDMI, especially 4K, over distance just doesn't exist in a cheap home friendly format today. Putting fiber in-wall in addition to your cat6 is the most future proof. What I would suggest is that you put conduit in today with pull strings and let the technology evolve. You may end up filling that conduit with fiber in the future, but it is just too immature now IMO.
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