HDMI issues, long run, signal drops, multiple factors?


Apr 29, 2017
Hi guys I have an issue with my HDMI run!

the current set up


-90deg Adapter
-5m HDMI in plaster (good quality Cableson)
-HDMI joiner Female-Female
-10m HDMI (thin cable only approx. 4mm for easy fitment)
-Anker Powered HDMI switch

-20cm HDMI runs to Xbox 360/one/TiVo 20cm

I previously had a non powered HDMI switch, I have just changed that to a powered one,
Xbox is fine with both.

However my Tivo V6 Virgin media box, it prefers the powered switch as the signal is intermittent, where with a non powered switch it is just a black display.

If I put the 10m HDMI direct into Tivo it is fine

But it seems the extra switch and the 20-100cm can kill it?

Now I was wondering, I could buy another HDMI cable 1.4-2.0 Spec, however I can not go thicker than 8mm due to the carpet edge.

Or do I replace the female to female joiner with a booster?

Id like to hear some other thoughts on this, I am likely going to change the thin cable, to a thicker 7-8mm thick cable perhaps there is too much of a signal drop with this thin wire?

Thanks in advance

Burgattti (UK)

The more links, switches and cables you have the more complex it becomes.
The chain of HDMI gear doesn't really affect the quality of the output but whether or not you get any output at all. It's the combination that counts. One part of the chain that is off screws up the rest. It can be a source, cable, switcher, or the HDMI input used on the display. Some TVs have different results with a different input used. A lot of HDMI cables and switches don't meet the HDMI specs. That's why you see such a huge range in prices for what should be the same cable or switch.
I would suggest first replacing the joiner with a booster. One that has a separate power supply rather than using the 5v on the HDMI cable might work better. The short runs are less likely to cause problems.
Sometimes the order you power up and connect the cable when installing will make a difference.
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