HDMI no signal when connecting to a computer.


Jan 27, 2016
So I had gotten myself a computer. I never had a desktop so I used my hdtv. Everything was fine until my hdmi cable stopped working. I got another one and it works... Sometimes. In order to get a signal I have to turn on my tv turn off my tv to refresh the input. If I'm lucky it works. I have not found a solution, and I can't get on my computer to change the settings. Any ideas?
Components connected with HDMI have to "handshake" with each other to operate together. They don't however operate like usb in that they are no always looking for that handshake so the order you turn things on matters. Sometimes switching to a different input and back will work. Sometimes switch to the input and then turn on the PC.
The cable can affect this too since many HDMI components don't actually meed the HDMI standard. If the combination of source - cable - display is iffy the cable might be the issue, It is also possible that a different input on the TV will work better than the one you are using.


Add some details please: what computer and OS are you using?

More specifically what port you are connecting into - seems to be an intermittent connection problem. What graphics card are you using?

As I understand your post the first HDMI cable "failed" and the second HDMI cable only works sometimes.

That leads me back to the source computer and how it is configured and set up.

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