Question hdmi on a tablet


Aug 20, 2016
i have 2 security recorders 1 a dvr 1 a nvr i have a tablet that runs tiny cam app for looking at the cameras i have on these recorders. the problem i have is when i look at the moneito connected to the recorders it is just like being there but when i monitor on the tablet i have a delay or lag in the responce form the cameras. this happens on my phone as well eithe home or away. so from talking to others i have learned the wifi is not up to the job of instance streaming from the network to the device. they are talking bandwith issues.

so this is what i'm looking at now. my tablet has an hdmi port the recorders have a hdmi port. the recorders have a normal size port the table has a smaller port so an adapter is needed, but my question is this if doing this will i actually see a better response from the recorders? i know that i will only see on recorder unless i install some kind of wifi switch that will let me switch back and forth or i get a recorder that is a hybrid type and connect all the cameras to 1 unit.

plus i have a 30 foot run at least maybe more i have not yet measured that. so i see on ebay they have some kind of adapter that is small and uses 2 cat5 cables between the sender and receiver. so does anyone know if those devices will actually work or would i need to find another type of cat5 converter?

i did ask about if a ac1900 netgear modem unit would work faster than my c3700 modem but the netgear person tells me the wifi speed is the same. i was hoping the wifi on the zc1900 would be stronger becasue it is said to be for larger homes. for me it would be like 30 ft from the tablet to the modem and then 30 ft to the recorders but then the lag time getting back and forth so i'm hoping the hdmi cable will give me almost instance time over wifi time. thanks
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