HDMI output from AV receiver to coaxial to TV


Aug 17, 2015
I moved into an older house with coaxial cable run through the wall. I have a closet in the living room where the cable line coax comes in from outside, then gets split into the internet and cable TV signal, and the cable side goes up into the wall and then over to above the fireplace where it drops down to be plugged in to the back of the TV or cable box. The cable box looks hideous sitting on the mantle, and I want to get it into the closet.

As I noted the cable/internet line from outside comes into the closet and then is split into the two respective signals - one goes to the modem, and the other up into the ceiling to eventually reach the TV. I have decided the best wired setup may be having the cable line go directly into the cable box in the closet, and then hook the cable box to an AV receiver with HDMI, and then normally I would connect the TV to AV receiver with an HDMI cable. But that's the problem for me - getting the signal to the TV without having a cord running across the floor to the fireplace from the closet. Is there some sort of adapter/converter that will let me take the HDMI signal coming out from the AV receiver and connect this to the other end of the coaxial cable line running through the wall/ceiling that goes to the TV?

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