HDMI Splitter for HD to TV2 Dish Network


Aug 28, 2013
Hello, I have a dish network dvr receiver. I understand that the HDMI out port on the receiver sends an HD signal to my TV1, and the TV2 coax is SD only. I have two HD TV's. Also understand this had been a problem for Dish for a while. The question is, could I use an HDMI splitter, and send HD signal to both TV1 and TV2 while also sending SD signal via coax to TV2? I understand while viewing HD on TV2 I could only watch what is on TV1. I am assuming I can hook both coax and HDMI to TV2, then switch inputs on TV2 to see the two different signals, thus when football is on I can just have the same HD picture on both TV's, and when foot ball is not on I can change inputs on TV2 and use it as normally in SD. Thanks for any input!


Mar 28, 2010
a powered splitter will regenerate and output a new hdmi signal to each port with the same amount of power so the signal is not degraded from the source.

it also means you can use a long cable going to the splitter and from each port of the splitter without worrying about signal loss.