Question Hdmi switch and universal remote

Jun 8, 2021
I have a Vizio TV with only two hdmi ports. I have a Polk sound system that (when connected via hdmi) can be controlled by my ge universal remote through the TV. I have three additional devices I want to connect. It's probably not relevant but they are a chromecast, an Xbox one, and a Nintendo Switch. I already purchased a Sgeyr hdmi switch with a remote. My issue is that I would rather be able to control the switch with my universal remote. I don't care if it is directly by assigning the switch to one of the four source buttons on the remote but I would like it even better if the hdmi switch created an input for each source in the input menu of the TV. Either way, when attempting to connect the universal remote to the hdmi switch the command that makes the switch change inputs simultaneously changes the volume on my television. Is there a different device which will allow me to do either of the things I want? Is this a problem with all hdmi switches?
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