Question HDMI to Coaxial

Apr 27, 2019

Sorry if this is dumb; I'm really clueless on this stuff and I just get really confused when searching.

I have my Samsung UE46C5800 TV and an old Logitech Z-5500 surround sound system that doesn't have HDMI, just optical and coax. Previously hooked up with an optical cable, all good. Optical socket on my TV I think is broken now (cable actually stuck in it so can't test with a new one). Only other option on the Logitech is coax.

Can someone please tell me how to connect my TV to the Logitech now? Buying all new is not an option right now, so hoping for a reasonably cheap solution...

Thanks for help!
Since your TV doesn't seem to support HDMI-ARC your only option would be to connect the headphone output of the TV to one of the stereo inputs of the speakers. Won't work nearly as well as the optical output did.
Optical cables don't fail very often unless they are badly kinked. You could cut the cable and just tape another one to the old one. It's a light pipe so not very critical.
If you don't see a red light coming from the end of the optical output it isn't working. Check the TV menu to make sure that it is still turned on.
That won't help you.
If your TV had HDMI-ARC an similar adapter that supports that would work but your TV doesn't have ARC.
You could try an optical to coax digital audio converter.
That would work if the problem is the optical input of the speakers. If you have a device with a coax digital audio output I would use that to check that the coax input of the speakers is working.
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