HDMI to Optical through TV


Sep 30, 2013
Guys ,
I bought Samsung 55es7500 LED TV , and Samsung HT-E455K DVD home entertainment system (sound system), I have connected my PS3 and satellite receiver (Set top box) to TV through HDMI links, and used an optical cable from TV into the sound system.
is this configuration correct , will I be losing the 5.1 signal coming from PS3 into TV and then to my home theater , due to the conversion done in TV from HDMI to optical ?

another issue is that with this configuration , Anynet + is automatically activated but I face a problem , sound comes and goes through the sound system , its ok for 3 seconds then gone for another , once I disconnect the HDMI cable that connects the sound system with the TV , sound is OK.

please help .
If all the menu settings are correct you should be able to get surround from the ps3 and sat receiver. Anynet+ is supposed to allow you to control the samsung components from the tv remote so should not cause the sound problem. That may be caused by the Audio Return Channel through the HDMI cable being turned on which is confusing the sound system. You should be able to turn this off in the TV.


Sep 30, 2013
when I switch ARC off in the receiver settings , I lose the sound completely . Seems that TV won't send the sound to receiver except through HDMi ARC and not through optical channel.
Can HDMI ARC channel hold 5.1 sound signal same as optical cable ?
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