HDMI TV to Component DVD player


Mar 9, 2015
I have a Samsung TV with only a single HDMI connector for a DVD Player. And up til recently everything worked fine. Then the DVD failed (mechanically) and I bought a basic $35 DVD player that only has a component output panel (as had my last player). I made the connections per the manufacturer. The menu for connections on the Samsung setup screen show HDMI, Component, [TV and I think, AV (whatever).] The HDMI brings up the Samsung TV, but when I switch to the Component, it tells me I have no signal. What am I doing wrong? BTW: when I switch the Green cable from the component on the DVD player to the separate Video Port, I do get black-and-white transmission from the DVD player (so the player and disc seem to be working).
Some TVs have what they call a "hybrid" component composite input. You have to go into the TV menu and select component for the single input rather than composite. The DVD is outputting since the Green (or Y) connection is a bw picture and the other two connection (Pb and Pr) provide the color information.