HDMI -USB Type-C adapter

Mar 30, 2020
Recently purchased a portable monitor with USB Type-C and Micro USB ports. Plan is to use as additional display on an HP 250G laptop. Laptop has full size HDMI and VGA ports for display. Connecting any of three USB's on Laptop to USB Type-C on monitor gives power, but no signal, and Windows 10 settings shows no options for multiple displays, except for option to detect a wireless display. Connecting an old VGA monitor to VGA on laptop, Windows 10 settings shows multiple display option. This all led me to dig further to find that laptop from factory is set up with only VGA and HDMI for external display. 1) Can I use a physical adapter to connect Laptop HDMI (or VGA) to Monitor USB Type-C successfully? 2) Am I able to switch a USB on Laptop in settings to output display? 3) Am I missing something with drivers? Thank you!
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