Question HDR prob pionee SC-95

Jul 12, 2019
I need help with my Pioneer SC-95 playing HDR signals from my XBOX One X to my Sony 4K TV. I have set the SC-95 to 4:4:4 and can get the xbox to play an HDR game, but once I switch back to the home screen of the xbox the signal will drop and the screen will go blank. I cannot get anything to come back on unless I remove and replace the HDMI cables. I have upgraded the HDMI cables from the "high speed" walmart brand to the Cinnamon cable from Best Buy, with no change in results. I feel like there is some kind of glitch within the SC-95 receiver, but am not sure. Could it be related to the ARC-HDMI from the TV to the receiver? I have the problems regardless of which input the XBOX is plugged into, and even when not using the ARC output.