Headphone bass In right ear


Dec 2, 2015
OK, So alot of songs.. I hear alot more high end bass in my right ear. But when I listen for example turn down for what bass boosted it's even with both ears. But when there is a song like this the bass at the beggining and the clapping is all in right ear

and also this song more bass in right ear but high pitches in left like surround but it just the bass is only in the left ear.

Now I have hooked up my headphones to my phone and it sounds more even, I think maybe because i'm running to much sound to my headphones, through my receiver or the jack 3.55 adapter that I have to keep twisting to get even sound but it sounds even when I get fixed. Or maybe it could be my logetich g430 driver usb I use for my logetich headset but it's for my studio sony xb950bt headphones, I really don't know what to do please help!
If you only have issues with one song for any headphone, the issue is with the song not being mixed correctly. Nothing you can do about it if that's the case