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Dec 31, 2017
Hello I am having trouble getting my Razer Kraken Essential Headset to connect to my PC audio ports. The audio seems to only come out of my TV, which I don't want, I've tried every combination of settings in playback device settings and I've also went into the Realtek audio manager and enabled "separate all input jacks as independent input devices" it has given me another playback device called Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output. I tried enabling that and disabling the other playback devices to no avail. The only way I got the headset to play audio is to plug them straight into my TV. The TV is an Element ELEFW328 if you need that information. Thank you for viewing my post!


Feb 27, 2017

OK, this might not be it, but...

Most headphones, with a built-in mic come with two plugs, one for each function. Some headphones will just have an integrated (combo) plug that serves both purposes. That being said, many sound cards have dedicated jacks for each function, while many laptops are moving to an integrated (combo) jack.

You need to check that your audio card supports the integrated (combo) plug, else you will have to get an jack adapter to split the headphone audio from the microphone into two separate plugs and plug them into their respective jacks.

Here's an example, from a prior post, about my son's Lenovo laptop, which had an integrated (combo) jack, while his gaming headset has both audio and mic plugs. He needed to get an adapter to merge both of those plugs into one integrated (combo) one to work on his laptop.


I think that runs around $12-15 or so. My son has a Thinkpad that uses the integrated jack and he had to buy an adapter for it.

Here is a similar write-up:


Here are the two variations:


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