Question headphone jack not detecting mic. in headphones

Sep 15, 2019
hello everyone, i recent bought new gaming headphones but as there's only 1 3.5mm jack in my laptop (Acer Predator Helios 300 PH-315-51..).
So when i plug in my headphones windows won't even detect mic. in headphones it uses default mic of laptop, in sound-> recording there's no headphone mic (show disabled devices-checked). Maybe it's due to my headphone jack in laptop works that way. What could be the solution?
I came up with -
  1. if I buy 3.5mm splitter would be able to use my mic and headphones at same time but i'm not sure. also, will my sound quality be affected if I do this?
  2. Also, can I use TYPE - C to headphone adapter? sill not sure whether it'll work or not, also sound quality??
Thanks in advance for help
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