Headphone Jack to Digital Audio


Dec 20, 2014
Hi. I'm looking at buying a sound bar. The one that I've seen connects to the tv via either Bluetooth or Digital Optical Audio Cable. I have looked on my tv and it is not Bluetooth compatible, nor has it got the port for the Digital Optical Audio Cable. My tv is Hd and has a headphone port, but I don't think it is digital as it at least 7 years old (Sharp Aquos). Will a Toslink cable suffice? If not what are my options, choose a new telly, choose a different sound bar or is there a device that I can plug in and play? Thanks in advance.
Since your TV seems to only have a headphone jack for audio out the easiest solution is to get a sound bar that has an analog audio input. You can't use an optical cable unless the TV has it as well.