Headphone & Keyboard Suggestion Please


Nov 8, 2014
Hello all,

I've got some money to spend on gadgets & willing to upgrade few of my peripherals.
My budget, however isn't much and brand availability is much much limited in my country.

Here's the list:
a) A Mouse: Purchased Logitech G502 Proteus Core.
b) A Good Mechanical Keyboard: I decided to go for Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red. But feel free to suggest anything better. I type a lot mainly. I liked the MX Blue but it's not available here.

Here's the main issue, I'm stuck with:
c) A Good Headphone
-- I actually want a Good Headphone with Mic
-- Priority is Both Audio Quality & Comfortness.
-- My initial considerations are ATH-M50, Razer Kraken Pro 7.1, Logitech G430.
But I'm still not sure if Razer Kraken or G430 is great for music and then, M50 doesn't have a Mic.

Basically, Considering that I'll switch to a Mac Book Pro soon, considering the connectivity limitation of Mac. Suggest me a Good Headphone ? My Budget for Headphone is $100 ( I can go a little bit higher, say 20 bucks)

Thanks in advance.
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