Headphone Plug Bent

Jul 26, 2018
So I was doing my thing, minding my own business until I started listening to music. The left speaker didn't play any music, even though it did 5 minutes ago. Turned out the headphone plug is bent. Any way I can fix this without having to pay? The headphones are AKG Samsung Galaxy S8 earbuds. If you would help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it!


How badly bent?

If the bend is preventing the plug from being inserted into a port and not able to make the applicable TRRS connections you might try fixing it yourself.

You may be able to gently straighten the bent plug and get the connection back to normal. ONE IMPORTANT THING: Do not use the normal port to reinsert the bent plug. Use the female end of a female to male extension cable as the target connection port.

By doing so, you are only risking possible damage to the extension cable instead of the normal audio port. Would not be helpful if the bent plug gets seriously stuck in the normally used port.

Earbuds ------cable ------- bent male plug --> Female port -----extension cable -----male plug (not bent) -----> Normally used female audio port.

If that does not work then it is likely that the internal soldered connections in the bent plug are damaged.

The fix would be removing the bent plug and soldering on a new plug. Hopefully you have a knowledgeable and skilled family member or friend who can help do that.

Tricky as the wires are very fine and connections are very small. Not made to be repaired.
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