Question Headphones for only gaming fps [220$]

Oct 15, 2019
Hello. I have dac DragonFly Black (like fiio e10k Olympus 2, can drive 250ohm). I will probably use Brainwavz earpads microsuede (big ears..). Looking for very good open headphones for fortnite (please, keep your head cool) in this game details, soundstage and positioning is very important, much more than in any other game, because there can be 30-50 people in very very small area, and they can be much higher, lower, next to you, and there a lot of different sounds.. Im trying to go competetive, so I want very good/best for my purpose. I have 220$ budget. I will use them ONLY for gaming. Micro isint nessecary at all. I was thinking about ad700x, hd598, k7xx and DT990 250 Ohm, but dt990 won't have too much bass because of a lot of shots from shotguns? I can consider other recommendations! Thanks for every answer!
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