Headphones Keep Dropping

Jan 2, 2015
I recently got new headphones, some wireless Corsair gaming USB headphones, I forget the exact brand, but they constantly drop the sound, and then the computer acts like I just connected them. It seems to be loosely tied to how long they've been on, if I stop using them for like a day they keep working for up to an hour, but after they've dropped once they go back to disconnecting more than once per minute.

At first I thought there was some sort of interference, each drop started with the sound getting static for a second or so, but I tried disconnecting every wireless object in the whole house, with no results. The only thing I hadn't turned off was the internet router, and I highly doubt anyone would make a set of headphones that could be disrupted by an internet router. It also has nothing to do with having low power, I've used the headphones when they were fully charged and when they were currently charging with no change in the amount of drops. I tried connecting it to every usb port on the computer, I tried letting it run for half an hour to see if it would fix itself, I'm really running out of things to try.



I am guessing it is the model above from Corsair.

This may be a battery life issue, and make sure the headphones are charged before use. Also, check for an updated driver.

They do not specify what frequency they are transmitting on, but it should be compatible with WiFi so leave the router on.

Although no wire is a great feature, in the end, wired headphones are simply more reliable.
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