Question Headphones plugged in but audio is coming from the laptop

May 11, 2021
Hi there,
I own an acer aspire 5 and i am having an issue for a long time where i plug in my headphones and the audio is still coming from the laptop speakers. So what happens is whenever i plug in my headphones there is a notification which asks me which device am i plugging in so i select headphones and press ok but still nothing happens windows doesnt seem to read that there is an headphone plugged in and the audio is still coming through my speakers. I have tried various ways such as reinstalling drivers updating drivers going to hardware and sound settings(but headphone option is not available there) disabling and reinabling the realtek , restarting the laptop but all these are just temporary solutions. I had the same issue with my dell g5 5505 laptop but to fix this issue on that laptop i just had to go to startup tab in task manager and enable realtek hd audio services but unfortunately nothing related to audio services is available in startup tab of my acer laptop so if anyone finds a way to fix this issue please let me know i will be really happy if someone helps me out and I am very sorry for my bad english as i am not a native english speaker.
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