Headphones with Mic Help!


Jan 28, 2015
Ok, so Ive been having trouble getting my headphones to work properly with my new pc I just recently built. I have a pair of headphones that come with the green and pink 3.5mm audio and a usb. I have connected the usb to the front panel usb 3.0 slot and the pink and green cables to the rear panel with the corresponding colors. I can hear noise coming through my headset, but, my mic doesn't seem to work. Also I have been into device manager and right clicked on the speaker icon leading me to the process of showing all disconnected and disabled mics.

Couple things to add:
Mobo:Maximus VI Hero (never did anything with the CD it came with..could that be a problem?)
Case:NZXT H440

Also,front panel mic and speaker jack seem not to work for some reason but all the usb 3.0s and 2.0s do. Anyone that takes the time to read this and give me any type of solution I salute you. Thanks!
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