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Headseat and mic for gaming for $100 -$120 usd


Aug 13, 2014
Hello all,
I just busted my gaming headset and have about $100-$120 to replace them. I have been reading about headset and mic setups being better than gaming headsets. I game (MMO, FPS, Fighting Games) and listen to music (House, Hip Hop, Rock). I really have only used gaming headsets, but am willing to try the headset+mic combo. However when it comes to headsets, I really have no idea what to choose. I have read all over the net and have succeeded in confusing myself or found answers that are over 2 years old. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. I am limited by my budget. Thank you in advance.

Also, I'm more concerned with having the best headphones I can get rather than the best mic.
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