Question Headset audio muddy


Aug 11, 2016
Got a set of logitech g pro x wireless. The mic is great and the audio through discord and youtube is awesome. The issue is in games, fallout, tarkov, warzone, apex. The sound is muddy and distant. Before I plugged in this headset I was using the g935 from logitech and it's sound quality was great as well. It's uses the same wireless usb connection as the g pro. I tried going back to the g935 and it now has the same muddied distant sound quality in games as well. I tried removing all other audio drivers, updated drivers, disabled all enhancements, disabled all audio devices except the g pro, made sure it was default device. Then I completely wiped my pc and did a clean install. The only thing installed was tarkov and the headset. Still nothing. Then I updated all the windows updates, still horrible. The only thing I'm seeing off is that windows views my headset as speakers. But I can't figure out how or why.
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