Headset compatible with both PS4 and mobile?


Oct 8, 2014
I've browsed through a lot of the more popular headsets, looking for a one in all, but none of them would have had that "everything" for me while still being compatible with PS4 and an Xperia smartphones (or any smartphones in that matter). Sony Gold Wireless was close, but then I've heard the horrid mic recording on couple youtube videos. From the 300$ shelf, SteelSeries H Wireless almost got me, but then it does lack in the mobile department. On the other hand, Sony MDR10RBT weren't really compatible with PS4 from what I read (the irony from Sony). A friend suggested Tritton Kunai, but from what I read those burn through batteries like mad. Today I was browsing the whole array of SoundBlaster products, and Evo ZxR caught my eye, but then I've heard the horrible subpar mic quality, as well as people complaining how easily it breaks. So yeah, if you'd know or heard of some headset (or would know a site or person which could help me) which would fall within these criteria, it would be absolutely lovely, since I'm running out of options I'd know of:

- PS4 compatibility, can be cable (from what I understand, if it can be connected via USB or optical, it should do)
- decent compatibility with mobiles, bluetooth (wireless), answers calls, microphone can't be visible while strolling, somehow decent look
- biggest focus on voice chat/microphone quality on both PS4 and with mobiles




Yea, but you wont get surround just using the 3.5 jack. And how about the Astro A40 and A50?