Question Headset is leaking audio into mic

Dec 4, 2020
So just recently my microphone started picking up sound from the headphones.
My friends can hear everything I hear, including their own voices.
It happens everywhere. In discord, in teamspeak, in-game voip, and it even happens in my recordings.
It's not crosstalk, because when I mute the mic then nothing comes through anymore.
But here's the thing, it only randomly started just recently. I've been using this mic for years no problem.
And nothing has changed aside from windows updates.
I have tried to update my audio driver, and I've tried to uninstall it too.
I have made sure stereo mix is disabled.
I have made sure the "listen to this device" is un-checked.
I have tried to plug the headset into all the different ports.
I have tried checking both boxes under "Exclusive Mode" in the Advanced tab.
I have tried un-checking both boxes under "Exclusive Mode" in the Advanced tab.
I have made sure my mic is set to default device.
I have done a clean install of Windows 10.
And I have tried playing around with the mic levels and boost and I can get it to where you can barely hear the leak, but then you cant hear my voice either.
Oh and lastly I bought a new headset and it's still happening.
I'm honestly at a loss here. But I suspect the culprit was a Windows update.
Dec 4, 2020
So I managed to fix the new mic but the old one is still leaking.
This problem was a bit of a doozy, but I figured I should share my story in case someone else runs into this in the future.
First of all. The old mic was a USB mic and the new mic used a 3.5mm jack and was connected into the green (out) and pink (mic) connector in the back of the case using a splitter cable.
But at first this would not solve the issue at all, and on top of that now I had cross talking happening too, even when connected to the back of the case.
So I went and bought an external usb soundcard for this new headset and it did fix the crosstalking issue. However it would still leak horribly.
Then I went to check the "Events" tab in properties for my Realtek audio driver and I noticed something strange.
It said that the device could not be migrated. This was before I did a clean install of Windows 10.
After I did a clean install of Windows 10 this error was gone, the drivers were migrated successfully.
But the headset would still be leaking when using the external usb sound card. But when I tried to go back to the splitter cable after the clean install then
the leaking was gone. And I could even blast music so loud that it was uncomfortable to listen to and there would be no leaking anymore.
So one little problem turned into a rabbit hole of different issues, and the old USB headset is still leaking.
But at the end of the day the new headset is working fine, and that's good enough for me.
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