Headset microphone white noise


Dec 25, 2014
I bought the ASUS Cerebrus headset a couple days ago, and I noticed that there's white noise in the background when I use the microphone. I don't even need to be speaking, it appears as soon as I click push-to-talk or start recording audio (with the Windows tool).

[strike]But here's the thing: the first cable attached to the headset is really short and since it only has one ending I guess it's meant for use with mobile phones and such. When I record audio that way (on my phone) the sound is crystal clear... as clear as it's going to get with the headset.
But, if I want to use it on my PC I have to connect that with another cable that has two ends - one for audio and another for the microphone. When I record audio on my PC, there's this annoying white noise that won't go away.[/strike]

It's not background noise in my room, like a PC or something, I've checked.

Could the sound card be creating this white noise?

Okay, I plugged in some other headphones into my PC and it seems that the problem isn't in the headset, it's either the sound card or something else. Can a sound card cause this?



Yes absolutely, if you are using on-board Realtek it is quite common for the line-in or mic inputs to have more noise than preferred when recording or in chat. An inexpensive USB sound card like the Sound Blaster Play! 3 is pretty cheap, and should solve the problem.
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